LightwaveMUSIC by John  Meisel
Songs for Vocalists


Depending on his schedule it is possible to hire John Meisel as vocal producer for your vocalists.

Being a singer himself and possessing the gift to sense the individual needs of a vocalist, John knows how to expand the possibilities of your artists and makes sure that each recording session becomes special. John's trademarks is enhancing the strenght and uniqueness of a singer without any de-motivation combined with his ability to sense what is needed in each context to help your vocalist to transcend any barriers in her/his minds for their best results ever. In addition, he explored innovative techniques (some exceed even the latest cerebric research) in order to perfect the emotional side of each vocalist which help to optimize their performance.

If you license a song of John, it can be wise to let him produce your vocalist as he is far more into each song than any third person could be.

For requests contact John Meisel via the CONTACT form or dial: +49(0)157 777 1717 2