LightwaveMUSIC by John  Meisel
Songs for Vocalists

Licensing Terms: 

Under the premise that the customer and John Meisel agree on one of my licensing/payment options, John Meisel shall guarantee the customer a general yet not transferable exclusive master licensing right of song(s) that have been composed and produced by John Meisel according to the following conditions: 


John Meisel guarantees that all licensing rights of the recordings, sample content, VSTIs and audio loops that have been used for the realization of his productions and that he offers as finished song(s) have been paid in full and belong to John Meisel. If you licence songs from me then you buy and obtain the master licensing rights for certain commercial purposes and usage worldwide (usually exclusively and without limitation).

2..) COPYRIGHTS and OBLIGATIONS for customers:

a) All songs that John Meisel is offering for licensing have been created and produced by John Meisel and are automatically protected by German copyright law and the collecting society GEMA. The copyrights for the instrumental music as well as for the vocal melodies and lyrics remain in possession of John Meisel. 

b) Each customer has to make sure that all releases, live performances, broadcastings and any usage are correctly credited and registered ("music, vocal melodies and lyrics by John Meisel") to make sure that the relevant collecting society (e.g.GEMA, SOCAM, ASCAP, BMI, SACEM, etc) in your country is correctly informed. The international "IP NAME NUMBER" of John Meisel is: 00281372565

c) Customers are not allowed to use licensed songs for insulting, pornographic or horror purposes. 

d) Remixes, modifications or any editing require the explicit permission of John Meisel. 

e) Customers must inform Lightwave Music of any change of their contact data.

3.) PAYMENT modalities for customers:

a) Unless otherweise agreed all one-time payments have to be fulfilled in advance at the latest after the transmission of the master audio files. If a customer and John Meisel agree on a split of all incomes that the song(s) generates, then the customer has to make sure that payments are made in regular intervals (usually 2-4 times a year at January 31 and July 31 and within 30 days) via paypal or bank transfer to John Meisel. All incomes have to be shared starting from the very first sold copy, download etc.

b) Sale statements shall be established every 3-6 months and John Meisel is entitled to request any documentation relating to statements and royalties.

4) DURATION of agreements:

Usually the duration of our licensing agreements is valid for 10 years (but can of course be prolonged if the cooperation satisfield us). If a customer is violating the obligations for usage then John Meisel reserves the right to immediately terminate the licensing agreement.


If for any reason any part of this agreement should become invalid it has to be replaced with a text that is equivalent and definitely valid with regard to the intended meaning whereas the rest of the agreement shall remain unaffected and valid. 


Unless John Meisel and a customer have agreed on something different these general terms and conditions are meant to define the rights and obligations between a customer and John Meisel.

Place of jurisdiction is Kempten/Germany.

[NOTE: You are not allowed to copy this text for your own website or business purposes as it is protected by German law and was exclusively created by John Meisel and Lightwave Music ]